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How to become an Intellinz Advisor

The number of people who want to go into business for themselves is increasing every day. There are thousands of potential entrepreneurs and investors searching for new business opportunities daily. This provides you with the perfect opportunity to capitalize on this entrepreneurship frenzy.

There are a few key ingredients in becoming a good business advisor. There is so much to it, so many different aspects, that I think it is impossible to learn everything in a single day. If you understand how listing agreements, buyer representation agreements, and purchase agreements work and are competent in marketing, networking, and relationship building you have the foundational skills that many successful business brokers shared.

For those readers still in the decision-making stage, Intellinz will help you in two ways. First, it will provide you with the same knowledge, education, and information. Secondly, but more importantly, it will give you the “digital platform” to build your digital assets for the business owners. Everyone seems to have their own idea of just what business brokerage is or perhaps what they want it to be. We can’t make the business what you want it to be; we can only tell you what it is and let you take it from there with reduced risks through our complete Marketplace (Marketing) plus Regtech (KYC Due Diligence) solution.

A common expression today is “think outside the box.” In other words, be creative in your thinking; and jump out of your comfort zone during the time you are stuck at home in a pandamic.

We make business brokering simple

List yourself in Intellinz

It takes just 5 mins and completely FREE

List your companies to buy or sell

We’ll bring you potential buyers adn seller, you choose who to match with

KYC Due Diligence

Access to KYC Due Diligence or pther add-on service for your clients during M & A


Learn Step-by-Step with Intellinz
You won’t have to guess. We’ll show you what to do at every step of the way.
Create a Free Account

Create a FREE Account in Intellinz, start by raising your company profile to at least 2 stars ! Once you’re ready to become an Intellinz advisor, simply register and we will review your application for approval.

*Terms & Conditions applied.

Become a Premium Member 

Earn more points by using Intellinz marketplace for yourself or your clients. Get connected with other opportunities, subscribe to our premium membership and purchase KYC Due Diligence to get to the next tier for higher reward.

Advisor Training

Once your application is approved, attend our advisor training program. Start earning points by referring your clients to sign up for Intellinz. You can easily keep track of all your referrals in Intellinz account and get promoted to Gold and Platinum Level.

Flexible-working hours

Learn at your own pace while you take care of your family or do it as a sideline. We keep your identity annoymous.


You’ll get all the tools you need to succeed

If you are an Intellinz Advisor, you have access to personalise your opportunity with customized logo or photograph.  Provision of other add-on services to make your business brokering as simple as possible with when you close your deals.