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Questions to Ask When Buying a Business

Acquiring an already running or established business might sound a lot easier than building a venture from scratch. But like merger & acquisitions, the process is more complicated than it seems. However, buying the wrong business can ruin your entrepreneurial dream...

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What is a UBO?

Banks and companies are expected to know the people with whom they do business across the sector. For any of their commercial dealings, any institution subject to anti-money laundering and anti-terrorist financing rules must reveal the UBO's identification.   Even...

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Adverse Media Screening In COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic brought much negative impact on individuals and institutions in many social sectors. Companies now place more importance on risk management. The failure of recognising possible dangers of money laundering and terrorist financial risk may cause...

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Investing smartly with a Small Budget

If you would like to invest but think you don't have the money, think again. For a lot of people, to simply get started at investing it requires you to have a lot of money. In reality, the process of building a solid portfolio can begin with a few thousand—or even a...

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Entrepreneur’s Guide To Accounting By EBOS SG

Singapore is a Tax Haven

Singapore's low taxes and other incentives for foreign investors qualify it as a tax haven. Resident taxpayers pay a progressive tax on personal income at a top marginal rate of 22%. In 2019, the highest tax bracket is defined as incomes above $320,000 U.S. dollars....

 Why do companies relocate to Asia?

Singapore is a Gateway to ASEAN Countries Singapore ranked fifth among the top 20 hot economies in FDI inflows, this has made Singapore marked its gateway to ASEAN and is a popular destination for companies of all industry and sizes to have their Asia operations based...

5 Important Aspects of Personal Finance

Many people wonder what personal finance is all about and how it helps you with life? We need personal finance to help us, as many of the times we fail to secure ourselves financially is because we are unsure of the steps that should be taken. Hence, Personal finance...

How to Prepare Your Taxes in 8 Steps

1.Choose a Preparer Request recommendations from friends and advisors when considering a tax preparer. Verify that the person has a Preparer Tax Identification Number (PTIN), which ensures that they are permitted to prepare federal income tax returns. You can also ask...

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