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Buying a business is a time-consuming process, possibly taking years to find the right business match.

Here are some key steps to follow in the business search process:


Ever consider why you want to buy a business? What types of business activities do you prefer and the kind of lifestyle do you want to attain? It’s paramount to recognise that there may be more effort and longer hours at the expenses of family time for business owner in certain industries.

Establish financial expectations

Determine how much money you need and want to earn. Make sure your expectations are in line with the types of businesses you are targeting and the return they can produce.


Put together a personal financial statement

Outline your assets and liabilities. Identify what you can use for your initial investment. The personal financial statement serves as proof of your financial wherewithal, so be prepared to share this document with a seller’s intermediary.


Update your corporate profile

Sellers want to be sure that their business will continue to be a success. They’re looking for someone with the experience necessary to continue their legacy and take care of the staff. Ultimately, you’re selling yourself to the current owner(s), the lender and the professionals representing them.


Outline your acquisition criteria

Define the parameters of your search. Ideally it should include your targeted industries, geographic area and transaction size. Your acquisition criteria will help you demonstrate your commitment to finding the right business for you.


Search multiple sources and enlist help

Let your professional advisors (e.g. attorney, accountant, financial planner) know you are looking for a business. Most importantly, contact business intermediaries who represent businesses within your targeted market.


Due Diligence

It is a complex process that can be time-consuming. But with so much on the line with any merger or acquisition, you don’t want to make a decision without all of the information. You want to be sure everything is reviewed and all questions are answered to your satisfaction.

It’s also important to keep an open mind. Be sure that you get all of the information you need, but don’t assume that you will find something wrong.

Although the due diligence process may take considerable time, it’s a critical part of any transaction and should be considered the foundation of the entire deal.


In Intellinz, we support entrepreneurs by creating opportunities to showcase their beloved business and get rewarded for their hard work. Alternatively, you can raise funds for your business expansion without high commission fees!

If you are launching a start-up, you definitely want to build your portfolio to attract prospective investors.
Not only can Intellinz connect you with groups of investors, it can link you up with business collaboration globally.

When you’re ready to create an opportunity, you can go under opportunity tab in Intellinz to get started. To create an opportunity for selling your business or finding investors, you will need to:


Present an Opportunity Title

Add a title of what your business is about in the most basic simplest of terms

Enter a description of your product/service

To attract and engage investors, be accurate, honest and spell out your unique selling proposition and Unique selling points. What does your business offer? How does it benefit your target audience? What is your fulfilment process? By when will you fulfil your ROI? Do you provide after sales management transition support?

Improve your credibility with Financial Statements

Detail the source of your revenue and expenses for the most recent 12 months by updating your ‘Company Profile’ with your Profit & Loss (P&L) statement. This information will only be used during KYC Due Diligence request with your knowledge

Input asking price and estimated revenue and expenses

Pick from the range of asking price of your opportunity. You do not have to disclose your actual asking price in your listing, only relay that information during negotiation.

Enter your keywords

What describes your business? We recommend using keywords which buyers are likely to search and avoid using exclamation marks, all caps or acronyms.


State your ideal industry

Be it Consultant, Constructor, Distributor, Holding Company, Investments, Import & Export, Wholesaler or Retailer. You choose the ideal partner in which industry suits you most. This is important as it will impact how your listing appears in search results and marketing materials.

Attach a photograph

If you are a premium subscriber, you have access to personalise your opportunity with customised logo or photographs

Publish opportunity

You can only publish your opportunity anonymously as a FREE Intellinz account. This is to protect the identity of the seller. Upgrade to premium account upon request of negotiation or to get featured more. This option will be published in the Explore Page with your company name and profile to the users and extend your digital presence.

Amend an opportunity

You can review, edit or even delete your opportunity description at any time by navigating to the ‘edit’ button on the right-hand side of the opportunity under “My Opportunities”

Managing your account

Use your Intellinz Dashboard to manage all aspects of selling on Intellinz. Here, you can enhance your Intellinz profile, view your recent activities, manage report request and see and respond to opportunity inbox.

Buyer enquiries

Intellinz will notify you by email when you receive a connection. You can access your messages from that email or via your Dashboard when logged into your Intellinz Account.

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